Monday, July 4, 2011

LST Meet - July 4th 2011

Once again, another July 4th has rolled around, and with it the annual two-part event
(at least for myself) at the Illinois Railway Museum.
First is the annual Trolley Pageant, the largest operating session of museum electric cars anywhere, and the Yahoo Large Scale Trolley Meet, which is hosted by Yahoo LST member, Bob Kutella.
For those that don't know, Bob is also a very long time member of the museum (I would not embarass him by saying how many years, but it's a hell of a lot). He is also the curator of the Freight Car Department, and a large scale trolley modeler.
The LST meet is a very informal affair, basically, if you're showing up for the Trolley
Pageant and feel like throwing (gently !) one of your large scale trolleys in the car
to operate, the more the merrier !
This year's event was a bit toned down from last year, and I myself am
as guilty as anyone for not participating. I'll blame the pressures of work,
and promise to get my ass back in gear for next year.
This year, the "fort" was admirably held down by Bryan Anderson (in from Iowa),
and John Nelligan & Henry Vincent, both IRM members/volunteers.
Also Cliff Burnstein made it in for the day as well.

The trolleys were a bit scarce this year, but John had his two single truck cars,
the open and closed cars, operating as usual on his loop with live overhead.
Bryan had his ISU steeplecab out and running on one of the other loops, while
Henry's diesel (shudder !) trains ran the other loop.

 Bryan's steeplecab

 John's open and closed cars

The biggest large scale car of all, Bob Kutella's pride and joy the Sand Springs Ry #68 operating in the Trolley Pageant (more of that on the next posting)

Next year, I'll be back on track (no pun intended), and hopefully the O scale guys
can be represented as well !

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  1. Sounds like a neat event. Perhaps I can make it up some time for this. Glad Cliff was there to represent KY.