Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CA&E Ticket Box

Found a new addition for the Interurbans of The Fox Valley display, an old CA&E ticket box.
Nice old wood box, with all the slots for individual tickets, and it came with a ticket punch.

One of the nicer features is that it has all the old composite "marbles"
which hold the tickets in place.

Came with a nice assortment of tickets, now I just need to understand how they would
have been laid out in the box for proper sequencing for sales.

Now we just need a ticket dater/stamper !

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  1. I'm not sure how to contact you. You haven't posted in over a year so I hope you get this.

    I was lucky enough to purchase the same brass Aurora & Geneva Semi Convertible you have. Unfortunately, mine has been beat up. I was wondering if you might have the manual? Also any additional photos you might forward would be appreciated. A lot of pieces are not attached, broken or missing. So now I'm on a quest to restore this unit.

    Anyway, have a lot more questions. Can you email me at

    Thanks in advance and I love your site. Very nice work.