Saturday, October 23, 2010

At long last, summer is gone and an update

What started as a promising summer of sun, fun, and enjoying life and the new CA&E cars out at IRM came to a pretty loud crashing halt by the end of July. I find myself torn between bitching about working so hard/so many hours, yet juxtaposing that with the realities that our national economy is still struggling to get back and a lot of the work I have done, has been translated into lots of new toys ! Ahh, perspective.

Anyways, it seems like the worst of the worst is in the rear view mirror and life can return to normal (or what passes for normal for your friendly host/blogger). I really got back into the thick of things last month with our first monthly NMRA meeting of the new season. I was fortunate enough to take first place in our monthly contest which was "New", something with a fresh/out of the paint shop finish. I painted up the nice custom built brass CA&E Miller car I purchased earlier this summer. I said it then, and I'll repeat it now, I don't think I truly deserved to win, but I ain't giving it back ! Anyone truly desperate to see the car can see it on our Divsion webpages in the Oct 2010 Semaphore newsletter. Go to, select the "The Semaphore" tab on the left and pick the Oct 2010 issue.

Anyways, now with what I hope is the worst of the workload at the office behind me, I can concentrate on getting back to business. Of course a quick look at the calendar reminds me that I now have slightly less than 3 full weeks to get done the 8 weeks of work that I need to accomplish before Trainfest ! Typical, typical.

So, at long last, an update, short on goodies, but better than nothing.
More within the next week at most, I PROMISE !