Monday, June 27, 2011

New Electroliner

Per the post over the weekend, I was quite happy to see the UPS package arrive at the office earlier today. Inside, the "new" Sunset/3rd Rail Models Electroliner. I'm really glad I grabbed this thing, it's much better than my original idea of converting one of the MTH 3-rail trains to 2-rail. Which, for the record, is still a very viable, and comparatively inexpensive alternative.

I'm guesstimating, but based on the purchase price of the MTH 'Liner, the new Q-Car trucks (2-power, 3 trail), versus this one, I'm guessing the difference is about $200 +/-, with the MTH option being the cheaper of the two. That of course does not take into any consideration the effort needed to make the conversion (which would have to include making bolsters which would be a bit problematic, although I still have a pair of old Locomotive Workshop bolsters which could conceivably have been molded and cast up..) Another lowering of the cost would have been the "potential" for resale of the MTH 'Liner trucks, but that's an unknown.

Anyways, I'm pretty pleased, all things being equal, a couple hundred bucks is a savings to me in not having another project on the "to-do list". About 1/2 the windows are "popped", but since I was planning on opening the car bodies to add lots more passengers and a train crew, that's not much of an issue. (Anyone know where to find O Scale sailors ??) Couple of minor detailing changes, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy. And contrary to some reports I've seen, this one ran just fine, right out of the box.

 Now of course,, to find another one numbered 803-804 !

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