Monday, July 4, 2011

IRM Trolley Pageant - 7/4/11

Enjoyed a pleasant afternoon at the Illinois Railway Museum with my fellow
O Scale traction co-conspirators, Jim Allen, Art Paton and Ed Pavlovic. Mike
Hirvela somehow got dragged in as well, we'll convert him yet.

We were out to enjoy the afternoon and the annual IRM Trolley Pageant.
This year was the biggest and best yet, some 40+ cars operating, that's more than
many museums even have in total !

Took photos of the afternoon's festivities, posted here on Flickr simply
because it's far easier than putting them all here. Try the slideshow option.

Hopefully the guys had a good time, we got separated just as the Trolley Parade
was getting started as I moved down the "photo line". We'll meet up next Sunday
to have a planning session for the modules.

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