Friday, April 22, 2011


Blog-dules (Blogs and Modules, what can I say, I thought it was creative as hell at the time, of course I'm trying to kill time at the office as well... !)

So,, worklife is settling into something managable and the
modeling itch is at fevered pitch.

A week ago we ramped up the second go-round at trying to get an O Scale Modular group off the ground here in the Chicagoland area. Looks promising at the moment, should have at least 12 feet of straight running by Memorial Day, and in the meantime, I'm investigating having tables built to accomodate two return loops. Potentially we could have something operable by July 4th !
Basic module design is the same as last year, slightly taller legs (48"), and everything else from there will be EPTC standards. One good thing about waiting a year, Micro Engineering now makes Code 125 track, only Code 148 was commonly available this time last year.

Legs fit into these pockets in the ends. Very simple, yet very sturdy design.

Along with all this, I made the executive decision the other night to buy the plane tickets and arrange for a trip to this year's East Penn Trolley Meet. One day hit and run affair, fly out to Philly early AM, rent a car, and return early evening. Back in time for the Fox Valley Division's monthly meeting the following day. Hope to get lots of photos and ideas, and who knows what new model(s) I may find it impossible to live without.

Also noted this week that Charlie Pitts has started a similar blog effort. All the more the merrier I say. I can only hope that my modeling can be as good as his quite honestly. Made me think to share some of the other blog sites I check from time to time :

First Charlie's, which is primarily O Scale related.

Next up is Dan D. Sparks, modeling the San Diego Electric Rwy in HO Scale.

Next is Ken Howard's Tramway Modeling, O Scale Australian Models

Finally, mostly virtual modeling, but quite interesting and with an Indiana RR theme mostly:
Interurban Railways

One other one of regular note, at least to me is the Hicks Car Works blog, by Randy and Frank Hicks. The Hicks family is something of the "Keepers" of the CA&E wood cars at the Illinois Rwy Museum, and they report on a regular basis on the upkeep and maintenance of those cars and a whole host of other IRM activities. Really good stuff, highly recommended.