Saturday, June 25, 2011

Update - June 2011

So, finally got a chance to post a new update (Chicago PCC's) and finally fix the format of this thing. Still not sure how the original format and template disappeared, nor how to restore it, but after screwing around with this thing for about an hour, the new look is acceptable
 I suppose. Certainly better than it was !

Looking at the posting log, I see that my efforts here have been woeful at best in the last 18 months.Part of that has been a notable decline in modeling time and activity (mostly due to work), part of that has been "expanded" posts, covering multiple weeks of activity.
In any event, clearly I need to get back in the saddle here !

Hard to beleive the East Penn meet was almost 2 months ago already...

The new version of the Chicago O Scale Traction modular group idea is very slowly but surely starting to get up and running. Besides my two original modules left over from the first try at setting up a group, there are two new modules, one each from two new members. That gives us a straight-line run of 16 feet of double track mainline for the moment. I have someone working on benchwork for two 90 degree corners and two 40 inch square return loops. We have a generalized plan to put together enough of a layout for Trainfest in Milwaukee this year. We'll be getting together next weekend at IRM for an informal gathering as part of the Large Scale Trolley Meet and the annual Trolley Pageant, and then we're likely going to meet here in Elgin the following Sunday to match up the four modules for the first time ever.

Been buying more cars and trying to define/refine the collection. Had a shot at a Sunset Models Electroliner that was too good to pass up (yes, even with the problems it's known to have). Sold off the MTH 'Liner so that conversion project won't be happening (at least by me), unless I get the bright idea that I have to have both 'Liners. Grabbed three Russ Briggs South Shore cars, the original Combine, Coach, and the Parlor/Obs cars. Be able to expand the Interubans of the Fox Valley display a bit further to it's eventual ideal, which is Interurbans of Illinois, for the time being I'll be able to expand to Interurbans of the Fox Valley presents, The Insull Interurbans. Add all the good IT and southern Illinois stuff as we go to reach our full potential.

And with that, less typing and more modeling, time to get back to work so there's something actually interesting to report on.

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