Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fox River Line Car #4

Like most other electric lines, the Aurora Elgin & Fox River Electric had it's own maintenance of way equipment. Being a close cousin to the bigger Chicago Aurora & Elgin, they were able to leverage that relationship and lean on them for the bigger stuff, but they still needed some basic overhead and line maintenance they could manage on their own.

With that, they built line car #4. Not a whole lot is known about this car, it seems most probable it was built on the frame of a retired single truck city car. The photo below is one of only three pictures of the car I've ever seen, which is two more than most people have viewed. This one is in the Peffers book and gives enough visual information to start a model.

It's generally speaking a simple box with doors and windows.
Nothing overly fancy.
What you see here is one day of effort, all Evergreen styrene, and a Q-Car truck.

Upon reflection, I'm not happy with the roof, so I'll scrap that out and start over, but this project should get completed pretty quickly. One more piece of the AE&FRE roster puzzle !

Later, I'll build the simple single-truck flat car to tow behind it as well.

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