Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time to get this started

Started this idea a couple months ago, time to make it a reality I guess. As I've gotten "back in the game", so to speak, ie, come out of my cave and sharing some of my modeling publicly again, there have been any number of favorable comments (Thank you all, the checks are in the mail), and fielded a number of requests for the lowdown on the how and why I do things. This should be easier than writing magazine articles, although far less profitable !

So what's the idea here ?

Basically a combination of a running commentary of various modeling projects, railfanning adventures, etc. I'm thinking this is either going to be a really good thing, or is going to fail
miserably pretty quickly. In order to make it work, I'm going to need to make a committed
effort for updates (and related photography of the modeling which I'm pretty bad at). The good
news is that making a commitment to this should, in theory anyways, make me somewhat more
organized and focused, like I said, if it fails, it will be fairly obvious, fairly quickly.

One of the many things I do modeling-wise which is somewhat odd is that I typically have multiple projects going at once. Not a handful of things like most folks, 2-3 dozen at a time, spread over multiple scales, levels of interest/difficulty, etc. I'll be posting each separate project to a separate page, as soon as I can figure out how.

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