Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CA&E 411

Chicago Aurora & Elgin 400 Series Pullman Cars

One of my current (Summer 2009) modeling projects is a 1:24 scale model of a Chicago Aurora & Elgin Pullman car. I modeled car 411, this single car was built with Baldwin trucks, which I already had sideframes for. Everything else you see here is 100% scratchbuilt from sheet styrene, except for the trolley poles.

Not quite finished, but most of the
hard work is complete.

The completed trucks with the unique CA&E
third rail beams and pneumatic ice scrapers

Just some finish details, painting and then final lettering

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  1. this is what traction is all about. I rode these cars in the middle to late fiftes and I wish these cars and for that matter our whole transit systems were like this today. Next to the CA&E the TMER&LCo rank all the all time greats of the interurban systems.