Friday, November 19, 2010

Trainfest 2010

Slowly but surely getting back to modeling..

Had to scramble a bit last week to get everything finalized for Trainfest 2010. Several new models which I'll detail in the next week, including a conversion of the brass GHB Brill Convertible car (not the one I originally post about, a new addition). Several new memorabilia additions as well, including an original AE&FRE rollsign (cut in two unfortunately, but the cut is clean and centered between two destinations,, best part is it's cut perfectly for display purposes, probably the reason it was cut to begin with), and a CA&E headlight.

So, here's what we had last weekend, (Sat/Sun - 11-13, 14)

As always, thanks to those that stopped by and visited,
and especially those with a kind word or two !

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