Friday, June 25, 2010

Updates Coming this Weekend

I realize I've been somewhat remiss in updates, especially in light of the grand announcement of the new layout beginning. I of course have fallen victim to a lot of work at the office (hard to complain since that's what pays for all the toys), and more importantly, my own version of MRADD, or Model Railroader Attention Deficiency Disorder. More readily translated to,, when a new train catches his eye or attention, it derails everything else.

So, I will get back on track (and stop with the pathetic rail inspired puns) this weekend and update the varied ongoing projects. Amongst the coming highlights,, new power in the O scale world (Three new Clouser North Shore cars, a new brass CA&E Kuhlmann car (modernized) and a B/W steeplecab destined for CA&E livery). Progress on laying track on the layout, and the official unveiling of the Yahoo Large Scale Trolley Modeling July 4th contest entry. A hint, it's a single truck line car originally built for the Aurora Plainfied and Joliet. (1:24 scale)

Before I sign out here, it's come to my attention that this nonsense has begun to reach an audience beyond a few local friends/family. I apologize in advance for the random nonsense, frequent changes in direction and ideas, and also,,,

Thank you for reading and getting in touch !

Your words and especially compliments have driven me on to bigger and better things.

Well, at least more of the same anyways.

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