Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Golden Spike layout - Update of sorts

The "Golden Spike" layout has been terminated. After all the back and forth with our new O Scale Modular group, I've decided to build a small "executive" sized layout. Also modular in style to allow for removal if need be. Basic around the room, almost a shelf type thing, 12-18 inches wide at max. Just enough to run a car or two.

Had to thing a bit about the setting. Finally reconciled myself to the thought that modeling anything prototypical in such a small setting would only be frustrating and unfulfilling as too many compromises would need to be made. So, just decided on a simple, generic, Midwest, single track line interurban. Start with a point to point thing, around the walls, 7.5' up one wall, 10.5' across the next, down 8-9' on the next side, then later decide what to do with the fourth wall (should I simply loop the thing for continual running ?

Pics to follow later this weekend.

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