Wednesday, March 10, 2010

High Wheeler Wrap and Updates

High Wheeler 2010 is officially over. A really good show this year, don't know the final numbers but heard mention that it was the largest ever attendance. Had the road show crew from Radio Disney in on Sunday (photo below is just before they started their show). Don't know if that was much of a draw, but certainly the extra effort in advertising and getting the word out paid off.

Congratulations to all involved, and many thanks for all the hard volunteer work from everyone.

The guy with the wacky wagon for what I assume are his grandkids is always interesting, although it occurs to me,,, seems like a lot of work that these kids will outgrow pretty quick.

Also, honored the lovely wife, as she has now become the official desert provider for the Fox Valley Division board meetings. Was pressed into duty to build a structure for the division's demonstration layout (HO scale), so I made it "Debbie's Bakery and Coffee Shop"

Had a some-what scaled down display from the recent TrainFest effort, but that was in large part due to the fact I had to spend time with Division duties helping with the show. Made some significant changes and additions, from last year's HW show, keeping up the idea of never having the same display twice.

In related news, both Midwest Rails, and the Chicagoland Garden Railway Society, both G scale model railroad groups, were both excited for a chance to see the Eggtroliner. Hadn't quite completed it, but spent a few hours late Saturday night getting the trucks right and the drawbars installed, and it had it's inagurual runs Sunday morning on the Midwest Rails layout. I somehow managed not to take any pictures, but I'm sure someone will forward some to me. They must have liked it, they played with it all day long. Mentioned it to a couple of folks so I guess we can say it publicly now, the next one will be the Pioneer Zeggphyr, a Zephyr of Eggliners. Someday I hope to channel all this evil energy into something good and pure, but till then,,, well, you know.

Also related to the Midwest Rails and CAGRS folks, I was very happy to finally get a chance to see Paul Allodi and give him the boxcab electric locomotive I built for him. Enjoy Paul.

A real high point of the show was having a number of people stop by and express interest in the O Scale modular group. Probably have about 2 dozen people who've expressed an interest, based on past experience, about 1/2 wont' do anything, so that leaves about 10-12, which is far more than the minimum 3-4 I thought might be needed to get this up and running.

Kevin Marks has been working on ideas for the tables, and has made a sample table, actually a scale model of the table, along with a scale model of an East Penn table. Kevin's is the one with the tall risers, which allows for better scenic effect (amongst other things). Kevin's building a prototype table to bring to the O Scale Meet on Saturday, and we'll have our first "official" get together then, meeting at the Clever Models booth at 1PM. Plan is to meet and greet, and hash out some details, then hopefully Kevin and I (maybe someone else ??) can spend the next week or two and build 4-6 tables. Then, I think I'll host an open house/meeting at my place, show everyone the set-up and I think it will all take off from there. That's the plan anyways !

Pretty exciting times, and it don't hurt that it looks like winter is done

(Keep your fingers crossed anyways !)

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