Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Eggtroliner

They said it wouldn't be done.

They said it couldn't be done.

Ooops, wait a minute, I'm now being informed they said it SHOULDN'T be done

In the early 1940's the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad ordered two streamlined interurban trains. Each train consisted of 4 cars, and the were known as the "Electroliners", The Electroliners provided first class, high speed electric service from Chicago to Milwaukee and back, until the railroad folded in 1963

Just prior to the railroad going under, various ideas were floated to find ways to reduce costs, save money and generally keep the railroad going. Recently however, it has come to our attention that a little known plan was developed to reduce the size of the Electroliners, to provide a smaller, faster, easier to fill to capacity train. These changes were never implemented, but a torn, faded shop drawing of the proposed changes still exists.

The proposed, shortened train was known simply as, the "Eggtroliner"

This very same shop drawing came into our hands some time ago, and we had mentioned the possibiity of modeling this rare bit of unknown trolley history. Many who were approached with the concept assumed we were just yolking. Yet we pressed forward, gauging interest. Finally we knew that enough people had expressed enough interested in the project that we would be toast if it wasn't pushed through to completion. After weeks of scrambling, we were left feeling a bit fried, yet everything turned out sunny side up in the end.

The results,,, sadly enough,, speak for themselves....

No actual eggs or chickens were harmed in building this model.

No fake or virtual eggs or chickens were harmed either.

Funeral services for several hundred brain cells slaughtered as well as my personal self esteem that apparently committed suicide during this project will be held on Tuesday.

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