Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Quick post, getting ready for Trainfest

Another shorty post, lots of prep work getting ready for Trainfest 2009 in Milwaukee.

Couple weeks ago, as part of the push at IRM to raise funds for the new ex-LSE museum cars and their return to Chicagoland, a very generous member of the museum offered up a number of personal brass O scale models for sale, with all the proceeds going directly to this specific IRM fund.

One of the cars offered, was an MTS O scale, 14 bench open trolley. A beautiful car, and it fits in with my overall IFV theme as cars such as these were used in great numbers by both the Fox River Line and it's smaller connecting cousins.

While I'd already made a decent sized donation to the IRM fund (first of a planned total of 4 donations, so now I'm on record, and therefore on the hook), as well as to FRTM for their new acquistion, this was too good to pass up, a beautiful car and the money is going to bring some real treasures to IRM. A great thanks and a tip of the hat to the donor of these models who has preferred to remain anonymous, although I know who you are, and you have my personal thanks, for the car, and the efforts to IRM, past, present and future.

Once the car was in hand, the question became how to paint it. This car is pretty unique, it is apparently completely soldered together. Had it been able to be disassembled on even a minor level, I could have done the painting justice, as it is, the amount of masking needed to do the job right is frankly beyond my abilities and patience level. Having said that, I figured I'd give it a basic color scheme, hope for the best, and see how it looks. One man's opinion, it's not bad, could be better, but could be a hell of a lot worse too. I can live with it as is until someone offers us a repaint solution.

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