Monday, September 7, 2009

The Workshop

The Workshop, where all the magic, I mean tragic, happens.

After a couple of months of the workshop being a dumping ground for the latest magazines, and myriad other junk, followed by a fevered last couple days of hacking and slashing defenseless styrene to start a couple of 1/2 inch scale box motors, the workshop was in dire need of a clean-up and re-organization.
The lovely wife, always at the ready with a pithy comment or three, advised that I take a couple pictures as it "rarely looks like anything could actually be accomplished in there". That, along with a couple requests to show what the den of inquity looks like, produced the following :

We own a townhouse, nw suburbs of Chicago. About 1/2 way between O'Hare and IRM if anyone cares. It's a three bedroom, which is more than enough for the wife, myself and the dog. Unfortunately, it's on a slab, no basement, and we have way too much crap in the garage to make a workroom, so I grabbed one of the bedrooms. Standard 10x10 foot bedroom, packed to the gills. One of the things I actively try to keep in mind in my modeling is the concept of modeling big things, in a small space, the idea being, anyone can do this if you have just a simple bedroom, you don't have to have the master workshop we all dream about.

The view in from the hallway, most of the library on the left, the all important sound equipment to the right rear. Large scale Fox River car on the left, large scale CA&E Pullman in the back.

Much of the library, research tools can not be undervalued, EVER ! I've put a lot of effort (and money) into building my library over the years. Almost all the CERA bulletins, almost any significant traction book you can name that's been published in the last 50-60 years, lots of photos, etc.

A peek past the door, the rest of the library and research materials (Mostly covered by boxes). The 1:6 scale Birney in semi-hibernation, waiting for the next burst of inspiration. Much of the walls here are bare, normally the walls are covered almost completely, but a lot was taken down for the displays and I haven't gotten around to putting it all back up. (Re-arranging some too !)

The actual work area. Tucked the worktable into a former closet.
O scale collection on the left, lots of "White Ghosts" (unfinished styrene projects, mostly 1:24) above. The current projects, the two CA&E box motors
on the table in the foreground.
Amongst the "White Ghosts",, North Shore line car 606, CSL Big Pullman, Toronto PCC, a section of Chicago elevated track, a North Shore Line "Insull Spanish" station, CTA 1-50 car (waiting for trucks from the new Aristo PCC !), a Sand Springs 68, couple others. Some day...

(Wife's note - This is a historic photograph,,, no empty beer bottles in sight)

The actual worktable. Couple more projects and nonsense in view,, AE&FRE workcar, AE&FRE "cab on flat" work motor, 1:6 scale Indian motorcycle. Too many toys, not enough time !

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