Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cheap post - New car

A quicky, cheap post,, work has kept me quite busy of late...

In the interim, while not being able to manage any modeling (and having to cancel a showing of the display at the Fox River Trolley Museum,, sorry guys),
I was able to add one new car to the O scale fleet.

CA&E #427, a model of the Cinncinati series of cars. This is a St Petersburg
Tram resin model, I beleive these are the only commerically available
models of the Cinncy cars in any scale.

And it took someone in Russia to produce it ! How implausible/impossible a thought might that have been at the end of CA&E operations/height of the Cold War ??

Really beautiful models, incredible detail.
I can only wish I was this good !
The car had a damaged pole (purchased second-hand), so I've removed both poles and will replace them with Q-Car poles of the appropriate type.
This completes the series of built for CA&E steel cars, I now have
a Pullman, Cincinnati, and a St Louis. Now, what will it take to
find ex-WB&A cars ??

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